before I forget…

some cute phrases from the day. 
Just now, I was tucking Miles in bed, and he says “Good night mommy.  Don’t forget to talk to the baby in your tummy.  I’ll bet you can hear him snore tonight while you’re both sleeping.” 
We took dinner to some neighbors who just had a baby, and he tells them “Promise me you’ll play peek-a-boo with your precious baby.”
He also told me that the baby in my tummy is playing with a baby rattle. 
I LOVE hearing their take on life.

I’ll write more later, but it’s still light outside and now quiet inside, so I’m gonna sit down with my hot date, a cup of freshly brewed…and roasted coffee, and recap our day.


2 thoughts on “before I forget…

  1. tsdg

    I’m so glad you share these…..Miles is hilarious and I’m sure he’s clueless about how funny he is.  How far along are you now?  How did your husband and the group like Philly?


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