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We are all very happy to have Andy back.  Although I will have to admit, it was a lot better than I’d anticipated.  (I’d imagined it was going to be pretty awful, so there was a lot of room to improve–the power of positive thinking 🙂  Andy took some teens to Philly last week to be a part of urban ministry there–volunteering at a boys/girls’ club, talking and passing out food to the with homeless, sorting/serving food at a food bank, etc…and he’s pretty much ready to move there.  I’ve loved hearing their stories and have even found myself challenged with some of what they experienced. 
            Our van broke down Saturday, he left Sunday, our van got towed to the repair shop Monday…but as it turned out, it wasn’t anything serious–only a penny lodged into the cigarette lighter.  Thank you Jack.  The penny caused a fuse to blow, not letting our car come out of “park”.  The people at the car shop got a kick out of it (they know our kids…and didn’t charge us for it.)  So, we made the trek to Ohio.  I turned 30 Tuesday, and we went to the Columbus Zoo.  We’re used to going to the Fort Wayne Zoo, so this seemed massive!  I think the Col. Zoo parking lot is as big as the entire FW Zoo!  It was a good time with my parents–I was so thankful for their help.  We came back Friday, and were all very very very very excited when the big white van rolled into town Saturday with dad.
            I had my 28 wk. checkup today.  They asked why I didn’t come in for last month’s checkup–I was in FL, but I guess I don’t really see the point.  I haven’t had anything to be concerned about, or even to ask them about.  Well, today I thought of 2 questions to ask the dr…and I could’ve gotten a better answer if I’d looked on webmd.com…in fact, I probably still will!  So, I don’t see the point of spending $240 every month to sit in the waiting room for 45 min., then 5 min. for him to find a heartbeat, put a tape measure on my tummy and say see you in a month!  I guess I only have 10 weeks of this anyway, so I’ll keep going along with it 🙂
            Which totally freaks me out–10 weeks.  In some ways, I can’t wait 10 more weeks to meet and hold this little guy.  In other ways, there’s a ton I still need to do.  I have a feeling like my life is going to shut down for an unknown period of time–3 mos., 6 mos., 1 yr?  Hard to say what this one will be like…  But I have a whole list of things to do before because I’d might as well wait until I retire if I don’t!  So, now that the kids are asleep and Andy’s out for the night, I’d better kick it into gear!

More funny things not to forget…
–Jack was drooling over a motorcycle today next to us at a stoplight and says from his carseat “Someday when I get to be a man I’m gonna be a Harley-driver.”
–They love to talk to people from our front window–actually, anyone walking by.  So the other day our neighbor was fertilizing his lawn and Jack strikes up a conversation with him.  Here’s what I hear from the kitchen…”Are you plowing your field?”…”Are you going to do ours next?”…”Do you have a john deere?”…”I wish you could come to Christ’s Covenant Church”…”Where do you go to church?”…”Hey where did you go?”…”I can’t see you”…”Are you going to come back?”  Later, we saw them outside, and I apologized for our kids’ harassment.  They thought it was funny–that was nice of them. 


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  1. filledeparis

    Too funny–I remember those front window conversations taking place while I was there. Glad you got the penny out = craziness! So, how about Thurs. at 9 AM for you? I can’t wait!

  2. tsdg

    Oh my, I love reading all this.  Really, it is often more fun to hear about other people’s kids than when your own do silly things.  That penny in the van…..oh wow, hilarious!   The harassment of your neighbors is so funny….I’m still laughing.  So when do you think you’ll move to Philly?  =)  


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