lotsa exclamation points!!!

30 weeks!!!
30 wks
We’re 9 weeks away from meeting this little dude.  I think we’re pretty
set on Ezra Jude–the boys are atleast.  Lately I realized I’m just as
excited to meet this guy as I am to slow down!!!  I’ve been in
hyper-nesting mode this entire pregnancy.  And I just realized this
week why.  We’re making room for a 5th person in our house…without it
wanting it to feel like 5 people live here.  Andy’s got a project going
in the garage, building storage shelves–I never knew I could be so
excited about storage shelves!!!  I’ve been working on the baby’s
room.  We’re using the same crib stuff we have, but I need to make some
new curtains that will block out the east sun.  I lined Miles and
Jack’s curtains with darker material a few weeks ago, and we’ve had
several days of Miles not getting up until 9!!!  Today was 9.30!!!  And
I’m switching around dressers, making room for baby clothes (I forgot
how tiny they are!)–throwing out a lot and getting ready for a HUGE
garage sale!  So, I’m ready to slow down and relax once our new one
comes 🙂  I know that sounds insane, but so have the past few weeks.
Miles turns 5 Friday!!!  I can’t believe I’m gonna have a 5 yr. old!!! 
Which reminds me I need to drop a party invitation to our neighbors yet
tonight, so this is gonna be short.  Miles wants a dragon cake that has
stripes and tastes like a lemon with red candles–I think those were all of the specifications 🙂  He put together his
guest list, and is so excited!  Well, actually after we went shopping
for party things Saturday, I wasn’t sure who was more excited–I’m looking forward to it alot myself.  We
decided to make every 5th birthday a big deal with a party (we’ll do
smaller things on the other b-days–smaller as in not invite 35 people over to party!!!), but with Miles in May, Jack in
June, and Baby in July, it’d be alot.  So, this is a huge MILEStone to
us–tee hee 🙂 

And this kid keeps me laughing, for sure.
There’s a reason, son, we tell you no.
this is the face when we told him it would have to come off…
and then when we told him he would have to take it off before bed…
Lastly, one of our favorite things…relaxing in the hammock. 
I was the original recipient of the hammock last year for mother’s day.  But since then, our boys have called me selfish if I don’t share.  Of course, I informed them of all the ways a mother is not selfish…but I do share it with them.


4 thoughts on “lotsa exclamation points!!!

  1. HawaiianHeldts

    You AND  the belly are looking very beautiful! How crazy that Ezra is top on our list of boys names if we are ever blessed with a little boy again…I LOVE that name that and Ezekiel I know the party will be a blast! It’s a lot of planning but the amount of enjoyment the little ones have with all the attention is well worth it!….I think you should slow down a few weeks before baby is born!!!! I’m jealous of all the nesting though! I haven’t had any real nesting feelings at all with this one!

  2. tsdg

    Wow, five….wow.  They don’t seem so little any more with that number.  Can’t wait to hear about the party.  You look really good.  My unasked for advice……Get lots of rest soon…..and spend lots of time with your little guys.  It’s amazing how much time the third one requires.  (Well it’s a gradual time adjustment, considering the baby will probably sleep a lot!)


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