Oh me oh my. 
I just now flipped the page in my daytimer to reveal the week that has already passed…if that’s any indication of this past week.  It was beautiful.  Other than getting set up for a garage sale we have going today and tomorrow, I’ve spent my time on the floor playing.  We celebrated Miles’ 5th birthday last wknd., and I just felt like such a rookie parent.  Friday night (night of his b-day, eve before his party), I was bustling around trying to pull it all together, and he came up to me and said something that still rings in my ears “Mommy, you’re my best friend mommy, and you haven’t colored with my all day.”  I lost it.  I dropped everything and ran to the crayons and coloring books and thought the whole time “what am I doing?!?!?”  Here I am, trying to create “memories,” making his dragon cake, catching up on his scrapbook, getting ready to host his friends…when in the end, all he wanted was his best friend to color with him.  Well, we did have a fun party.  God is so gracious.  It had called for rain all week, and I prayed it wouldn’t rain all week so that we could be outside…and it didn’t rain…but the temp. dropped to the 40s that night and it was too cold to be outside anyway!  I felt like in a way that was so fitting for Miles’ big day.  It seems like it’s been 5 years of understanding more and more of God’s grace and control through Miles’ life.  God has been so good to us, and that doesn’t mean life is always the warm sunshine I dream of, but learning to rest in His control, knowing I can come to Him with my earnest prayers…but that if He doesn’t answer them the way I would if I was in control, it doesn’t mean He loves me any less…just that He knows best.

So, I thought I would take time to write about what the past 5 years have meant to me, but it doesn’t even seem to matter compared to the lessons I’ve learned just this past week…since my baby turned 5.  Time goes so fast!!!!  And I don’t spend enough weeks like this one with no agenda, but to love my kids…and rare are the weeks that are as rewarding as this.  I love people, and I love spending time with students…but I can tell when my kids have had enough of their mom being distracted…and this was one such week.  Next week, we’re headed to Ohio to see Miles’ dr.  I love her, and am always amazed at the progress we see from her treatments.  Andy’s taking the whole week so he can spend it playing on the floor with us too!  Yeah!

We’ve decided to do some little family outings rather than a big vacation this summer.  Monday we took the kids to Chicago on Andy’s day off.  It was such a blast!  The kids are old enough where they were SO GOOD, and it felt like a true fun family vacation.  They didn’t want to go home.  We didn’t either.  We ate lunch at Superdawg, walked around Navy Pier and downtown, and ate my favorite pizza, Pizzeria Due.  It was a perfect day…besides a venti iced mocha spilled on the sidewalk of Navy Pier. 

I think I’m getting roped into watching the Bourne Identity series…guess my love for my husband is stronger than my love for comedies 😉

One super-sweet detail I almost forgot.  After the kids went to bed, Andy and I were sitting on the couch recapping the day, and I realized we never gave Miles his present.  He never asked the whole day for anything!  He just kept asking “Am I 5?!?…When do I turn 5?!?” I love the innocence of that.

And this a.m. at our garage sale, Jack says “Dad, I’m being a really good host”…and then before Andy realizes it, Jack is giving away Andy’s breakfast muffin to a lady.  She took it and ate it!  🙂 

Here’s some party pics.
The kids painted flowerpots.
Jack gave rides on his “combine”.
Jackson and I went in for Miles’ preschool b-day party.
We had a pet turtle, named hiccup, for a day until he escaped…it’s sad when you lose a turtle.


2 thoughts on “recap.

  1. katievarela

    What a sweet post and a good reminder about some of the most important parts about being a mom to little ones (NOT the “chores”!).That is an AMAZING cake!


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