SO…we bought a car on e-bay.  After being outbid a lot and checking out other cars, we got a good deal…BUT, we failed to look it up on the map before buying it, and just assumed since most of the cars we were looking at were in Chicago, Quincy was just a suburb of Chicago…until we looked it up.  Oh no…it’s on the Missouri border, close to St. Louis.  I’m not really up for 14 hrs. of driving in 1 day–well I’d love to, but shouldn’t being 34 wks. along.  We’ve looked at every possible angle to make it the cheapest, easiest route…which may mean he gets on a greyhound at 10 pm and arrives there the next a.m. at 11. 
So, Memorial Day plans are on hold…
Once it’s all said and done, we’re really looking forward to getting our little black convertible back!
I can’t believe this was taken 2 yrs. ago…

(Jack just walked in the room with a dark marker line drawn across his forehead–He says he’s Bert.  Ha ha.)

Nesting is still in full swing, despite many people’s caring warnings.  Today we’re getting mulch and planting our garden.  Yesterday I was feeling exhausted from a big week, but was glad to finish the curtains for the baby’s room.  I’ll post a pic as soon as I get a new curtain rod–right now they’re hanging on a stick of bamboo, so it takes away from the dainty little baby curtain effect 🙂  And the boys are working on their treehouse.  It’s such a fun project for them–digging in dirt with their little shovels, mixing “concrete” (as Andy mixes up the real stuff, they mix dirt with water), hammering nails, and screwing in beams.  Can’t wait to get some pics up of that too.

I’m almost finished reading “bringing up boys.”  I’ve had the book for years, but it caught my eye the other day.  It’s the first parenting book I’ve read since “Babywise”–which I regretted ever reading.  Babywise has been helpful to some great moms I know, but messed with my mind and was not a good thing for me.  ANYhow, I don’t usually like parenting books because kids are all so different, and it seems like someone has a kid, tries a method, kid turns out ok, and they write a book on it.  But this book has been different for me–One thing I just haven’t been able to get my mind around is what to do next year for schooling for Miles.  Before reading the book, we were pretty set on sending him to kdg.  SINCE reading it, we’re leaning more and more to waiting another year.  He and Jack will be in the same grade then, but I think that’s better than putting pressure on him before he’s ready.  I just heard him say “speech therapy” the other day.  He’s been going since he was 18 mos. and is now 5, and has always called it “play with Tammy”…but we’ve never told him why he goes or showed him pics of his cleft surgery…There’s just some things I think he maybe should know before school, and I don’t know that we’re ready to tell him quiet yet.

The other thing it’s really challenged me on is being ok with them being BOYS.  I value a clean house.  It’s just nice after a crazy day to sit down and relax–which, for me, doesn’t include looking at all the stains I need to remove or things I need to put back together.  I started to find myself inwardly really bothered with cleaning up messes all the time!  (Not that we have a super-clean house, but you know.)  EVERY time they’re outside and come in, there’s a trail of dirt following them, and that was starting to get under my skin.  Somehow, this book has been really helpful in helping me be ok with it…and I’ve even chuckled at it a few times since!  I want them to be respectful, yes.  And to clean up after themselves, yes.  But I don’t want to place my value for order and cleanliness above them having fun and being kids.  I don’t know, it’s like any book.  It just came at a good time for me. 

Well, our mulch has arrived…time to go spread it!


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  1. HawaiianHeldts

    I have that book and haven’t read it yet (Bringing up Boys) I didn’t know if it was too early but after reading about the cleaning maybe it’s time! I felt the same way about Babywise as well. It had some good advice I liked, like the feeding-wake time-sleeping routine, but it made me feel like if I didn’t follow their way I wasn’t doing it “God’s way” and thus my kids would be little hellions and rule the house and everything would be ruined. It took me a while to get out of that mode and comfortable with my own style of parenting!  

  2. katievarela

    Another ditto on Babywise. A friend of mine was going to be such a naturally good mother, and then reading Babywise while she was pregnant really messed with her mind and had her freaked out about scheduling. I’m glad I didn’t read the book until I was pregnant with our second. I could take some of the wisdom and apply it but also remember how I did things that worked with our first even if they didn’t jive with Babywise. As for Bringing Up Boys–loved it! What’s your opinion on Shepherding A Child’s Heart? Though you say you don’t really read parenting books, it seems so many Christian mothers have read that one. I love many parts of it.Happy new car!


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