T minus 4 weeks.

Nesting has come to an end…not because I’ve accomplished everything I’d set out to do, but I’m starting to feel at the end.  We set yesterday as a deadline to be done, and I went from cleaning out closets and under beds to my project yesterday: sorting CDs in cases.  I’ve just slowed down here in the last few weeks.  And we leave for PA tomorrow for a week, so I have to get packing!  Andy’s speaking at the New Tribes Mission youth conference next week, and I’ve been unsure if I should make the trip…but ready or not, here I come!  Last year was such a special time with all the MKs, and this year it’s at the NTM training center in Jersey Shore, where it’s in the boonies and surrounded by state parks–so, just up our boys’ alley!

Jackson Paul turns 4 next week…unbelievable.  He turned 1 in Ohio, 2 in Brazil, 3 in Missouri, and 4 in Pennsylvania.  One of these years, we’ll be home for his b-day, but it’s also special to pack up the supplies to make the cake of his choice–curious george this year–and to find what’s fun in the area.  He’s so into ocean life this year, so I hope we can get him to an aquarium.  His favorite movie right now (besides curious george) is a documentary on shellfish.  He cracks me up. 

I need to start packing for our trip…since we have 4 grad parties and 1 birthday party today, but before I forget…
Yesterday, I had to tell our boys that my parents’ dog, Minnie, died.  The first thing Miles said was “Now Minnie is in heaven with Jesus!  She’s in line for Jesus to fix her!”  Then Jack adds “I know, maybe Minnie is licking Jesus’ hand because that’s what she does.”  I don’t know where animals go when they die–maybe just in the dirt because do they have souls?  But I let it go because I loved how the exciting thing about dying was going to heaven to see Jesus!
I was getting ready to take the boys to splash in the lake yesterday, but had a tired, pregnant moment and had to sit down.  I expected our kids to get upset because they were ready to go, but Miles comes over and says “Momma, you’re doing such a good job growing this baby.  God knew you’d do a good job with the baby in your tummy because you did a good job growing me and Jack in your tummy.  So that’s why you have a watermelon tummy.”  His tender thoughtfulness blows me away.

Last night, I went in to check on Jack, and he’d taken off his shorts and t-shirt–so this a.m. when Jack gets up, he’s in undies and Miles says “I know, Jack, you look like when Jesus died on the cross.”

There’s just funny things left and right I don’t want to forget, but I’m happy to remember those…. 
Here’s some pics.
the start of our treehouse–everyday our boys ask Andy when he gets home if they can go “finish the treehouse.”  their other favorite thing to do with dad is “fuss around in the garage.”
my garden is planted–zucchini, squash, cucumbers, parsley, radishes, tomatoes, onions, peppers, hot peppers,  cilantro–it seemed fairly simple–we’ll see how it does 🙂
and I now have a blueberry bush, a grape vine, and a peach tree that has peaches on it!!! 
Miles pausing to thank Jesus for the dandelions.  I love seeing this kids’ faith.
last day of preschool…although we’re waiting a year on kdg.
Jack pushing Miles and his friends on the merry-go-round.


3 thoughts on “T minus 4 weeks.

  1. Samiannie

    Have a great time in PA!  That will be a great experience for the boys, and hopefully not too much discomfort for you as you travel!  I know that I wasn’t brave enough to go too far my last 4 weeks.  I can’t believe how big the boys have gotten!


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