Back from PA

We made it back with still just the 4 of us…and 3 weeks left!  I had some contractions late Wed. night 5 min. apart while some teens were in our apt. there talking through some dating issues…so I was thankful those subsided.  I’m so glad the boys and I could go.  Andy was speaking at a New Tribes Mission MK retreat, so he was gone in the mornings and some evenings, but there was a creek (with lots of crayfish, or lobsters as Jack would say) and a playground there–right up their alley!  And a nice lady lent us her golf cart, which was a huge hit for the boys!  I love that they don’t need much to think they’re having the best vacation in the world–dad was occupied for some of the time, but they’d entertain themselves hunting for all the new bugs they could find (PA had lots of bugs we don’t in IN, so they had a blast with that!)

These teens really are amazing, and while I didn’t get to interact with them as much this time as last year, I’m still so thankful we can go and hopefully be an encouragement to them.  In the group, there are 5 kids whose dads were taken hostage and killed and 2 boys whose dad was killed in a mysterious car accident.  Besides that, there are kids who had just gotten off the plane and haven’t been in the US for 5 yrs.–culture shock!  And there are MK’s whose parents are on staff in the US, but deal with things most teens don’t–traveling a LOT, lots of transitions, etc.  And yet, they are such a fun group of teens!  They really know how to have fun…and not require much more than a creek and a field πŸ™‚  It was a really good time for all of us. 
This little guy turned 4 last week.  I felt so bad because we were in the car 7 hours on his b-day–we tried to make the trip fun, but how do you call a 4 yr. old strapped in a carseat for that long fun?  He was such a trooper, and we finally got to my parents’ house at dinnertime (he requested rice and beans πŸ™‚  And I decorated a Curious George cake for him…and our camera battery died, so I have no pics of his 4th b-day, but lots of memories…

Jack keeps us smiling and laughing–just today I went to mail some letters, and I found he’d alreay put an empty toilet paper roll in the mailbox with the flag up πŸ™‚  Sometimes he’ll try and mail a block of wood or an ant…I’m sure out mail carrier loves us πŸ™‚  He just has a zeal for life that brings tears to my eyes.  We’ve always said happy or sad, you’ll always know what Jack’s feeling.  He’s so incredibly passionate and carefree.  And my favorite thing right now is how everytime I turn around, he’s picked some weed or clover or leaf or dandelion to give to his momma.  It just melts my heart. 

Time to go–I have 2 tummies growling in me.


6 thoughts on “Back from PA

  1. Samiannie

    I’m glad the trip was a success for you!  It’s hard to believe that you’ve only got a little less than 3 weeks to go!  That’s so exciting!

  2. spies_likeus

    Sara I cannot believe that you’re so close to meeting your new liitle guy!!!!!! How come pregnancy seems to go by so fast for other people, while when it’s you, it seems to go by so Slow!!! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see pictures of your new little one though:) You have to take lot of them and post them all the time! Pictures are my favorite πŸ™‚ Oh and I love the empty toilet paper roll story πŸ™‚ that is Too Cute!!! πŸ™‚ I always love the stories about your boys :):)

  3. spies_likeus

    Oh by the way, in Landry’s baby book, I’ve written how her birthday is really special because she shares it with one of her mom’s favorite people…. πŸ™‚ And that’s you of course.

  4. katievarela

    I keep checking back to see if you’re still pregnant! It’s getting down to the end now, so I keep thinking it’ll be any day. Were Miles and Jack early, on time, or late?

  5. theroyerfam

    @katievarela – Still preggo!  I went into labor with Miles on his due date and Jack was 5 days late.  I’m due July 6th, so 12 more days, give or take!  But I have an appt. Thurs., so it’ll be interesting to see what they say…  


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