12 more days.

I can’t believe it’s almost here.  I certainly have
more that I want to do in these 12 days than I have energy for…and I’m trying
to be ok with that. Andy reminded me the other night that we don’t have to have
our to-do lists done before this baby comes in order for things to be ok. 
And I burst into tears.  But I know he’s completely right, and I’ve been
putting too much pressure on myself at this stage, so I’m here instead of the
kitchen floors. 

So, here’s the latest Royer adventure I just
have to record…
Last wknd. Andy took 20 teens on camping/canoe trip. The boys and I went down
Fri. night to play in the river but left after we roasted hot dogs and smores
to go sleep in our cozy beds.  Saturday I was worn out from a big week,
and we were covered in mosquito bites (I counted 30 on Jack’s face alone–and
that’s with bugspray!)–so we miserably laid around for most of the day. 
Sunday Andy preached and then we had a church picnic and then drove to Indy.,
  Monday Miles had some dr. appts. in Indy–his yearly cleft palate
eval.  It’s usually stressful, as he sees 3 drs., and who knows how long
the wait is for each doc…so this time we thought we’d make it fun and get a
hotel room and go down the day before, let the boys swim and make a mini-vacation
out of it…
We left at 2.45, which is later than I’d hoped because we weren’t going to get
there until 5.30.  Andy got in the car and asked if I had my wallet. 
I said yes, as my purse was lying right beside me.   We had a nice
drive, made our first stop at a Starbucks 1 hr. from Indy, and I ran into use
the bathroom…and lo and behold, no wallet in my purse.  No wallet at
all.  No money.  No coffee.  No nothing except turn around and
go back home to get it.  Oh my, was that not good news for a 38 wk. pregnant
lady…SO, we drove back home, arrived home at 5.45, got both of our wallets,
got back in the car and back on the road…got to Indy at 8.45, ignored the
fact that our kids should be heading to bed, changed into our bathing suits and
went to the pool.  They needed some serious rewards for how well they traveled
despite our 6 hr. drive…

They were in bed by 10, which is surprising to me still that
they can do that at their age and function–it used to be that if they weren’t
in bed by 7.30 the next day would be chaos. They’re sure growing up!  I
think I’ve managed to forgive myself for the whole dilemna…but only after I
saw that it worked out ok.  I just wanted a nice little down time
following a crazy week/wknd…and instead it was a minor crisis for awhile…but
I think only for me.  The boys were so
sweet—we usually get them a drink at Starbucks, but were trying to explain we
had no money. Miles rips off some strips of his coloring book and says “I have
money!  Here!  You can buy a drink with this!”
We were almost home when Jack had to go to the bathroom, so
I say “Just wait, we’re almost there.” 
He goes “To our vacation?!?!?!”  “Um,
no honey, just wait until we get home.” 
And the nice people at the hotel let us extend our checkout so we could
swim after the dr. appt.  So, all is well
that ends well 🙂
We were getting around for the dr. appt., and Miles asked
why he was going.  Andy said so the dr.
can look in your mouth. Shocked, Miles asks “Why does the dr. want to look in
my mouth?”  So, he told him about how
when he was born there was a hole in the roof of his mouth, and the dr. fixed
it, but wants to see how it looks every year. 
Miles goes “Did they fix it with tools?” 
Andy said yes.  Looking horrified, Miles asks “What KIND of tools?”  Jack is listening
and asks “A chaining saw?”

I just keep thinking of funny stories of the boys—Miles is
really into his Bible—we got him “The Jesus Storybook Bible”, and reading it
tonight, I was in tears. It’s so well written. 
But his big thing now is he wants to help daddy teach the teenagers
about Jesus.  SO, he brought it camping
with us Friday and pulled it out to tell them about Jesus dying on the
cross.  I love to hear him go off about
how “Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He was punished for us.  But He’s not dead—He’s alive and preparing a
place for us, and we need to tell others about Him….” 

So, the other day while Miles was at speech therapy, they
decided to host a church service in the waiting room.  Jack and he grabbed the Gideon Bibles and
start singing at the top of their lungs “It’s time to worship God” to the tune
of “Farmer in the dell.”  Of course
everyone stopped what they were doing to watch—thankfully it was out of

I just can’t get over how fast my boys are growing.  I was lying in bed thinking through if we
should get a double stroller or a single stroller for this baby (we only a have
umbrella stroller). Then I realized in 1 yr. the boys will both be in
school.  1 YEAR!!!  That’s nothing.  (So, we’re going for the single stroller.But I know things will go all the more faster
when #3 comes, and I’m just praying I’ll be able to soak it in like I want to.  Sometimes I’m so tired or distracted and looking for ways
to conserve energy that I miss out on their requests to play in the sand or
trucks or sidewalk chalk with them (well, plus I don’t sit comfortably on the ground
now).  But I know these requests won’t
always be there, and I want to make these days count…especially as we go
through the adjustment of adding another one. 
But, maybe it’s like the whole trip back home to get our wallet—maybe I’ll
be the only one struggling to adjust because I feel the weight of letting them
down…and they’ll be just fine.  I hope


2 thoughts on “12 more days.

  1. filledeparis

    I have no doubt that they’ll be just fine (and even thrive) with such great parents! It was so good to catch up, friend!  Praying for you as you await baby boy 3. Love you!

  2. cherithpeters

    I know it’s pure selfishness, but I miss the days when you posted a few times a week. it refreshes me to read your thoughts.  Your boys must make you so pround and just make yor heart feel like it’s about to burst whith their excitment for Jesus. What more could a mother ask for? I hope all goes well with the new one. I’ll keep your family in my prayers for the next few weeks.


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