beautiful baby jude

I can’t believe our little guy is 9 days old.  Time flies when you’re feeding 5+ hours out of the day!  Jude is quite the little dude–I’ve always seen babies who just ate and slept…I just never ever thought we’d have one.  We took our first family outing last night–picnic at the park.  Jude slept through it all.  Really, I’m floored and after 2 colicky kids, I keep thinking this will soon come to an end.  But for now, we are very very grateful. 
I wanted to upload some pics, but I hear someone just filled his diaper…so, here’s the pics…



5 thoughts on “beautiful baby jude

  1. tsdg

    Oh, I remember those sounds of diaper filling.  I love all the pictures….it’s so sweet to see big brothers love on the little Jude.  I’m so happy for you all to have a great picnic at the park!

  2. jilandrich

    I love his name.  The picture with his big brothers is so sweet- you can just tell how much they love him.  I hope you’re getting lots of rest 🙂


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