I’m gonna post some pics real quick and hope I have time to write some, but in case not, here’s our last summer hoorah before school starts tomorrow…We headed up to Silver Beach in Lake on Lake Michigan with some good friends.  It was a very relaxing getaway for hanging out on a very crowded beach with 6 young kids (including a 6 wk. old).  I was thankful for the refreshing time.  The kids had a blast splashing in the “ocean” and playing in the sand.  And the adults got in some good talks.  I look forward to heading up there again!
Miles and his good friend Abby.  Miles likes to make her laugh, and she thinks he’s hilarious.
Robin and me with the babies.  Jude didn’t like the water splashing his feet–it was cold.
These pics of Miles are so meaningful to me–it wasn’t long ago that we took a trip to West Palm Beach, and he spent the whole time uncomfortable in a beach chair constantly wiping sand off himself.  Now there’s absolutely no sign of the sensory issues to sand he used to have–praise God!
This pic just cracks me up–Miles has been into styling his hair.  He’ll go into the bathroom and come out so excited at how “handsome” he looks–I’m gonna have to work with him a little bit, I think 🙂
And here’s just some more sweet pics of our cuddly little guy.  We’re enjoying him so much–and he’s letting us–little dude didn’t get put down from 11 am to 11 pm Tuesday.  Not that I didn’t try–he just wouldn’t have it.  That was a loooong day, but since he’s done better sleeping in his bed.  I love cuddling with him, but it also gets complicated with the other 2. 
Ok, so I do still have a little time.  I just got back from the dr. with Jude, and he’s sleeping–he’s 6 wks. and 12 lbs. 7 oz!!!  I’m glad to know he’s eating enough–I feel like I’m feeding him ALL the time, well, I guess I am 🙂  Miles and Jack are at preschool orientation.  I felt so torn over this.  I had a dr. appt. at 8.30 and their orientation at 9.  I’m still struggling to get used to prioritizing the kids.  Right now, the baby just requires more, and I know it’s a phase, but at times like this when I want to be there for the older ones, it’s hard to know how to do it all.  Well, I guess I can’t.  But I’m going to start on the dishes atleast–there’s some on the counter still from Friday–yikes!!!  Guess that’s what happens when off you’re living life 🙂


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  1. filledeparis

    Such cute pics of the kiddos, Sar! That makes me so happy about Miles–God is gracious.  Let’s chat soon! Are you around in the morning today or tomorrow? Miss you!


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