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working on the treehouse

t-pa here to help
iles “farming”
jack and his pet grasshopper


change of plans

did i say we were going on a date this morning?  i guess i meant i’d make blueberry scones and we’d eat them and drink coffee with our fevered Jack and growth spurting Jude. 
maybe next friday…

it’s been too long…

Just sat down here to write with 2 hands, and hear the baby stirring, so this may be pretty condensed.  I have some cute new pics to upload and may be able to do that with 1 hand during a feeding today…but we’re all alive and well.  I can’t believe how fast my boys are all growing up!  The other night, Andy was with the college group, and the boys and I went for awhile, but left early for me to get them in bed.  I was a little nervous how it was going to work out to come home, feed Jude, get the boys who were covered in sand baths and to bed before we reached the “cranky-point-of-no-return-I-just-need-to-get-to-sleep” state.  Well, we got home and Miles and Jack both took their own showers, got dressed on their own, brushed their teeth and read books on their own–so I found sand in their ears the next day…but for the most part, I was impressed and very thankful!  Within 1 hr. all 3 boys were bathed and in bed.  So, it doesn’t always go that smoothly, but it makes me appreciate when it does!

The treehouse is almost done!  2 walls to go.  I climbed up there this a.m. and will have to say I know it’s sturdy, but it’s wobbly, and I’ll probably just add it to my list of things I wouldn’t do if I weren’t a mom.  But it will be fun for the boys to hang out up there.  Their own private clubhouse–and it’s so cool how Andy found everything for free–scraps from an old barn that fell down from a tornado in NAppanee. 

Tomorrow is our first date post-baby!  I’m so excited!  We decided to do dates on Fri. mornings while the boys are in preschool, so someone would only have to watch Jude.  I’ll have to say, I’m a little nervous about leaving him.  I know they’ll be fine, but I miss him when he naps for longer than an hour even!  But I am looking forward to hanging out with Andy without listening to the baby monitor…

Jude’s still doing 3 feedings a night–exhausting.  Last night, I went to bed at 9.30 and actually pieced together 7 hrs. out of the deal, but I hear of these babies younger than Jude sleeping 8 hours straight–hey, I’d take 4!!!  But I will have to say how THANKFUL I am that he’s not colicky like the other 2.  Praise the LOrd!  I wasn’t sure what I’d do with a 3rd colicky one…

Jack’s home from school this a.m. with a fever, and there’s now a baby crying in the other room and a green and yellow frog in my face.  Both boys need some attention.  So, there’s some snippets of our life.

Well, looks like we won’t be going to the cookout tonight.  Andy has had bronchitis for 2 wks, brought on by some allergies.  Jack had a sore throat a few days ago, but snapped out of it.  Miles came down with a fever Fri., but was better Sat., so we went to the zoo.  He’s still coughing, but I think it’s allergies.  BUT, little sweet Jude got sick last night.  It’s killing me.  He’s all stuffy and struggling to breathe, has to sleep in his carseat because when he’s laid down he gags and coughs and snorts.  It’s so sad.  He didn’t get to bed until after 1 last night…meaning he woke up from a nap at 2 pm and couldn’t get comfortable until almost 12 hours later…poor thing!  I’m planning on taking the kids to Ohio this wknd. because Andy’s got a crazy-packed wknd. with kicking off college and HS.  I was already a little uncertain how it’d go with me and the 3 boys…but if Jude’s sick, I’m really uncertain. 

I was talking with a friend the other day who just had her first baby.  She was asking does it get better, like PLEASE tell me it gets better.  It was funny, because looking back to when we had 1, I was such a wreck compared to now.  Really, I think the best thing about having kids is learning that life doesn’t always go your way…it’s very unpredictable…and the more kids you add, the less predictable it becomes.  So, I told her, I do think it gets easier, but not because raising kids gets any easier, but you learn to let go of expectations in a sense, to go with the flow more.  I was a very independent person before kids, then all of a sudden this little 8 lb. dude comes into our life and starts telling me when/when not to go somewhere…it was a wake-up call.  But I love how refining the process is, and here I sit on Labor Day, all plans aside, just wanting my little guy to be able to breathe through his nose, praying he doesn’t get worse. 

I don’t know if this will make sense if I read it when I’ve had more sleep…but here’s some random thoughts for now.

Our camera fell off the bookshelf, and parts of the lens are floating around inside…so, no great pics for now.  We have a warranty on it, but I’m not sure falling off the bookshelf will cut it. 

Andy’s aunt Pris ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, needing surgery to drain her lungs.  Andy was telling the boys about it, and Miles got real serious and wanted to pray: “Dear Jesus just to let you know to tell your Father named God that Aunt Kris’ lungs aren’t working and if he could fix them.  Thank you.  Amen.”  Jack asked if when we visit her, if we could see her lungs.  Miles said “No Jack, that’s private.  Lungs are very private.”  HA!

Jack has been coloring pictures, sticking them in envelopes, “addressing” them and then putting them in the mailbox.  The other day he mailed a picture to the workers at the hospital and there’s an envelope sitting in there now that he snuck in for some people we know in China.  I don’t always remember to take them out of the mailbox, because there’s no stamp and no real address on them, but I guess it’s better than the pieces of wood and flowers he’d try to mail.  I’m glad our mail lady has a sense of humor and likes our kids 🙂

Miles and Jack are doing so well in preschool.  They love their teacher and are excited to go every time!  I love the difference in them–Jack comes home telling me about what he played with some boys he doesn’t know his name.  Miles knew everyone’s name after the first day (and probably what color they were wearing), but hasn’t ventured out to play with them yet.  I’m glad we waited on sending Miles to kdg.  He could’ve gone and done just fine, but with all the doubt and questions I had, I’m glad we waited. 

And with that, I’m gonna go down some more oregano oil and vitamin C to try to help our little guy get better.
Happy Labor Day!  I really don’t know the origin of it, but I’m glad someone thought to add a holiday this time of year.  We need it today!