a gluten free start

11 weeks ago today I ventured on this journey of becoming totally, 100% gluten free.  I was diagnosed 11 weeks and 1 day ago with celiac disease (I had to live it up the last day 🙂  But, since then I am so completely thankful for the road this has taken us on.  It was daunting at first for sure, but now I feel so much better than I ever have in my life!  There is no turning back, and I have such peace in that.  It’s taught me a lot already about self-control and being so very thankful for how much we have.  Really, have you ever stopped to think about how much variety of foods there are available to us?  I almost feel guilty going to our super-walmart, walking down the cereal AISLE.  Seriously.  A whole aisle just for cereal.  We are truly blessed.  And while I learn how to prepare meals that our whole family will eat without spending my whole life in the kitchen or doubling our food budget, I’m so very excited to share our journey with you.


2 thoughts on “a gluten free start

  1. Wendy

    Hey Sara do you have a website that you went to that showed you how to become a gluten free home because i would like to start trastioning my family that way but how do you start. How do you know what foods are ok. Is gluten even in salad dressing, mayo….?


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