black bean soup

We all love this soup.  And make it often.  This will make a big batch, but it freezes well, or is dropped off to someone who needs a meal well, or heats well for lunch leftovers…It goes well with rice or tortilla chips.

Black Bean Soup

2 cups dry black beans, cooked and drained
6 cans black beans, drained and rinsed
4 cups chicken broth
2 cups salsa
1 T. cumin  
sour cream, cheese, green onion, and/or cilantro for garnish
Cover black beans with water and add 1 t. salt, bring to boil, then simmer until tender (around 2 hours), adding more water as needed so they stay covered.  Combine beans, broth, salsa and cumin in food processor.  Blend until fairly smooth.  (Or, I use an immersion blender.) Heat soup in pan over medium heat until heated through.  This can be transferred to a crockpot on low if needed for later or ladled into bowls and garnished.

Source: Adapted from good ole Annie 🙂

And these are the characters I enjoyed the soup with for dinner tonight.  Each of them a personality of their own.  Each of them with their own thoughts to talk through over soup tonight. 


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