gluten-free bread!!!

Of burnt toast and Gatorade for breakfast…

I should be packing for time with family in Ohio and making some gluten-free sides to share.  Instead I’m victim #2 of the stomach bug in our home.  Boy, I’m trying not to sound like Debbie Downer…wa wa wa… 

Once again, learning the lessons of gratitude when plans change from what you so earnestly longed for.  Oh, the differences that often are between everything we want and what we really need.  Last night, driving to Owen’s for more Gatorade, it hit me, again…  How often I long for things in this world to meet a need that only He can.  Thanksgiving break to me meant getting away, gathering with loved ones, more memorable matches of Life and Dominoes, rest.  So when that’s threatened by this virus that is making its way through our town and now our family, where will I find the rest I so long for?  This is where the song “Gratitude” came to mind, and so I share…

Or maybe not, not today, peace might be another world away, and if that’s the case we’ll give thanks to you, with gratitude for lessons learned in how to trust in you, that we are blessed beyond what we could ever dream in abundance or in need, and if you never grant us peace, but Jesus, would you please…
I’ve tried to look down through pictures of recipes to share, and nothing really looks appealing right now, except my first gluten-free bread from scratch I made Saturday!!!  I used this recipe:  And substituted 1 T. ground flaxmeal for the 1 T. of egg replacer.  You could use 1 egg instead, but I was making it for some vegetarians.  I ground millet into millet flour in the blender.  And also, I added 3 T. brown rice flour to the bread machine during the kneading  (her description is helpful about it being more like a muffin-batter).  I left it go 1 round of kneading and 1 round of rising in the bread machine before I poured the dough into a greased bread pan, covered and let rise 30 minutes in warm place and baked at 350 degrees 20 minutes, or until lightly golden.  

The texture was like “real” bread.  And is way cheaper to make than the $4 plus gluten-free breads you can buy at the store.  Although, it won’t last as long…Everyone loved it, and it was gone in no time! 

3 thoughts on “gluten-free bread!!!

  1. Holly B.

    Oh friend, my heart concurs with yours…how much I need God's help in receiving what He plans, being reminded that all is grace. What He gives is enough. He truly does all things well. How hard it is to not depend on people and events to fulfill us. I'm so glad for God's grace and help in redirecting my focus to Him.
    Hope you feel better quickly, and have a sweet time with your family in Ohio! Hi to your dear Mom.

  2. sara

    All is grace indeed. How fun would it be to talk these things through just like old days in kent and wm? Life has changed a bit since then, hasn't it? Guess a cafe in Paris could do… 🙂
    I feel much much better already, thanks Holl! We are planning on going, unless anyone else vomits before tomorrow a.m…
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jean. Any plans?


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