We closed on our house today!!!
We are the elated owners of one. big. ol’. mess… laced with wondrous possibilities.  

I still somehow see what it is going to be.  We’ve been scouring blogs for ideas of bungalow/craftsman-style house renovations (and are open to suggestions please 🙂  I didn’t foresee being in the position to choose everything from paint to cabinets to countertops to appliances to fireplace mantel to bathrooms to light fixtures…I have a feeling craigslist and e-bay will become close acquaintances of ours.

This house was such an answer to prayer.  
1.  My ideals in a house were: wood floors, fireplace, basement.  Other than that, it didn’t matter.  This house also had the added bonus of cat-pee and painted butterflies on the walls…
2.  We put an offer on it within 24 hours of being on the market.  Being a cash-only sale, we were told there had already been an accepted offer.  After a weeks-worth of dreams, I asked Andy if there was any way he could check if there was still a chance.  Because he loves me (and, because I can be a little persistent :), he called the realtor one more time.  A few hours later we were asked to put in another offer.  AND, a few days later they accepted it!  Unbelievable, really.    
3.  After our offer was accepted, I couldn’t wait to walk inside for the first time.  Never thought we’d buy a house I hadn’t seen…

I’m not sure what we have gotten ourselves into.  But we’re ecstatic!
So, before our house project overtakes this blog, I have some crafts to fill you in on.

Remember those vintage door knobs?
Merry Christmas to my brothers and sisters:

And, Merry Christmas to me 🙂  
I cannot wait to hang this in our “new” home.



2 thoughts on “home.

  1. sara

    Thanks Tara. We're pretty pumped! We're still in WL, the city we can never seem to leave 🙂 I'll have to message you the longer story…we just continue to see God's plan unfold, in ways we never would've dreamed.


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