My baby is turning 8 in 4 days!!!  Reflecting on this boys’ life, the blessing that he is, has brought back all sorts of memories, lessons I thought I learned…One such remembered tonight.

It was Miles’ 5th birthday, and we were gonna do it up BIG!  He put together a guest list (and in addition, invited every grocery bagger, librarian, postal worker he came in contact with for weeks…)  He requested a green dragon cake with striped wings, that tasted like a lemon.  The big day came, and we had a living room full of loved ones ready to partay!  Tractor rides given.  

this is jack, age 4 – how cute is he?!
Flower pots painted.  Piñata busted.  Green dragon cake with striped wings that tasted like a lemon devoured.  

The day was a success.

…Or so I thought.  As I was tucking him in that night, I was recounting how much fun it was to celebrate his life.  He sat up, looked at me and said:
But mom, you’re my best friend, and you didn’t get to color with me all day.

Oh, ouch.
My mind raced through how much I did for him.  How did he think I could fit coloring in with all that I had to prepare?  Did he not see I was 7 months pregnant?  He had no idea how late I was up frosting that dragon cake!  
Didn’t matter.  What mattered to him was I was busy.  Too busy to color.  Too busy to be with.

Fast forward 3 years to April 26, 2011.  
Last night, I’m pulling a bed sheet out from underneath a sleeping Jack to sew into a Jedi Knight costume for Miles.  (Can’t wait to share pics!)  Somewhere in there, I start to hear…Busy, busy, busy, Martha, Martha, Martha!

Still the same old Martha that needs to die within me.  Not just the Martha Stewart comment I referred to before, but an ancient sister: But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made…Martha, Martha! You worry and fuss about a lot of things.  But there’s only one thing you need. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken from her.  Luke 10.40-42

Obi-Wan costume is wrapped.  Birthday banner is sewn and hung.  
After another jarring, yet gentle reminder,
I continue to learn to choose what is better.


One thought on “miles*tones

  1. Holly B.

    Loved this post–what a powerful reminder for all of us! Great job on the birthday banner–love it!
    Note to self: omit flower pot cake from Anna's birthday possibilities. :o)


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