a sight for sore eyes

This is a little bit unreal to me…

 boys’ room
 guest room
 closet turned miles’ room 
 living room/dining room/kitchen
master bedroom
Thanks to some pretty amazing help, it’s looking like a house!
Our walls are painted.
Our kitchen is tiled.
Our cabinets are placed.
Our floors are sanded.
They are being stained today.
Which means no walking in the house for 3 DAYS – can I get a Hallelujah!!!
Looks like we need to cross some things off our other list

What’s also a little bit unreal to me is 5000!!!  I know it’s not much in blog-world.  But what I thought would be a place for me to post some gluten-free recipe successes has become so much more. 

Thank you for stopping by.  Thank you for following along.  Thank you for putting up with my random-ness {is it a house restoration blog?  a recipe blog?  snippets of our life?  um, YES?}  Thank you for commenting.  I always love to hear your thoughts.  (So, in honor of 5000, I did make it easier to comment and pull off the “what-is-this-word?” feature.  Let me know if it worked 🙂

{Edit:  If we weren’t sleep-deprived from the above pictures and my baby-turning-3-in-2-days getting up now at 6 am, I would have realized that what comes after 4959 is 4960, not 5000 – whoops :)}

happy long weekending, all you people you!


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