journeying home

The boys and I had a great time with my fam.  It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a road-trip solo with all 3 – the first time with them all in undies!!! (sorry to my future-teen-sons reading this 🙂 and the first time not in a van.  That backseat can get a little crazy…  

This drive was sweet memories of queen anne’s lace and bachelor buttons lining the road, grooving to a little credence clearwater revival, watching them through the rear-view tear into their snack bag before the car was in gear, and thanking the Lord for bringing us safely back home…again.  

We got to celebrate 92 years with my grandma…
Savor fresh produce at every meal…
Relive childhood memories of black raspberry shakes…
Go antiquing with my bro, while the boys visit “lego lady”…
Now we are home…for now… 
.: Packing, packing, and more packing…thinking this should be the next (and last) book I buy.

.: Making special moments amidst the…packing…to relish the view and the summer and these days we long for all year, trying hard not to let them slip away.
{This is what happens when you’ve reached your decision-making max, can’t possibly make another one, and the hair stylist asks what you’d like to do…} 
.: Breaking out the ice cream lovewiches recipe – because oh, how we love thee.
.: Stopping to smell the flowers…
.: Embracing this moment, so full of sentiment, uncertainty, and evidence of His faithfulness.  3 days until the move!!!
.: Wanting to bloom where planted.

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