.:make do:. old windows

We made it!  Thanks for venturing with me.  This is the fourth (and final, for now) adventure in trimming your home with what you already have lying around.

.: make do :.
part four

We replaced 36 windows in this house.  ThiRty-SiX!  You may have noticed I have a hard time throwing anything away…especially old windows.  We gave some away, kept some for other projects (some garden box greenhouses), made a wipe board in our kitchen, 

and hopefully one of these in our near future backyard…
Pinned Image

But for now, we did this…

We’ll fill that bottom right picture with something, as soon as I figure out what.  I’m thinking a collage of faces from places that grip our heart {Brazil, Cambodia, PNG, etc}.  So far, a print from Nikki McClure, some family pics taken by the lovely Kari McG and Micah 6.8 is perfect.  
You see, the thing I like most about this is that it reminds me that mama bird doesn’t build her nest to blog about it…but to fill her nest with loved ones.  To make a comfortable place for *all* to gather.  It’s so not about the stuff.  That will all pass away some day.  Yes, we press on to finish this house so it doesn’t remain on our to-do list for the next 10 years as something we should be doing…

I look back on my week and all the beautiful faces that have gathered in our home…the neighbor boy who runs to our house after school and waits on our porch to be welcomed in for a snack and play as long as I will let him…those with whom we have zumba-ed…sat on basement floors chatting while kiddos played…eaten quesadillas or drank coffee sharing struggles and joys and life…met to pray together in the midnight hours at starbucks…field-tripped to the planetarium…
This is what matters. 
The projects have been fun.  The nesting is rewarding.  
But, lives are what lasts.
This is where we want to invest.  

It was beautiful. Gobi desert in Mongolia, a little girl and a camel laughing at us: for us: with us. 

Ok, this pretty much makes my day.  It may be the best thing I’ve posted all week – I just can’t stop staring at it, and laughing 🙂

Happy weekend-ing!

Invest well, friends.

He has told you, O man, what is good;
and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice,
to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God.
micah 6.8

6 thoughts on “.:make do:. old windows

  1. Erin @ Frundy

    First of all, love the windows on the wall! Second, love you heart! You make me tear up, just b/c you are so right on about this life and what it's about! You're definitely an inspiration!

  2. sara

    sweet erin – i can't say how much your words mean – thank you! i had some tears myself reading them 🙂

    wendy – have them in the basement for you, on one condition: you have to come get them 🙂 miss you guys!

  3. Whitney Hannah Hill

    I loved spending time in your home. I appreciate you taking the time to share your heart here. It's nice reading blogs of people I know and enjoy in real life, as opposed to all the others that are out there. PS – Love all of your windows. I'm a window girl too. Can't wait to make use of some I've collected. 😉


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