Love in Focus (May)

I spend my days with a 4 year old. He’s a pretty “cool dude.” We hang with friends, explore our town, sit down to piles of books to read, run errands with a warm little hand in mine, make peanut butter and honey sandwiches with 2 pickles and 2 carrots for lunch. I have relished the fact that these days have been such a gift, knowing time goes all too fast.IMAG0505
It’s funny how in a matter of a few hours he can go from saying “This is the best day ever!” to “I hate this day.” Today he told me “This is my favorite day. Well, as long as it goes okay.” I learn alot from my little friend. If we spoke every word we thought, how often would we say the same. You may be at Disneyland with perfect temps and no crowds and short lines and someone who insisted on paying for the whole day. But even then, a seagull could still fly over and poop right on your head (and yes, that may have happened to a blonde-haired girl writing this post.) It’s not the circumstances we can control. But it’s never too late to change our attitude.

I want to start posting some images from our month. Believe me, it’s not always pretty. (Hence the “I hate this day” moments.) But we choose what we focus on. And I want to thoroughly enjoy these moments. To wonder at the gifts. To be astonished by the Giver. And to always find something to love in the day He has given.


It is not how much we have,
but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.
Charles Spurgeon
IMG_20130330_190647IMG_20130417_193240  DSC_0151

Wishing you all a lovely memorial day weekend! Enjoy!!
Also. It’s my parents’ 49th anniversary!!
They are on a date right now, which makes me smile that they are still dating after 49 years.
Love you, mom and dad. So thankful for all the ways you keep love in focus.

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