Cool Dudes

Our little buddy starts kindergarten tomorrow. That sentence alone makes me want to grab my kids and crawl into a hole in the ground! And come back out in June.

I’ll spare you my sappy sentimental thoughts and share what a fun stage we’re in.
Jude has been teaching us all about cool dudes.DSC_0578

We chuckle at his 5 year old observations. But they are worth noting.
In case you want to be a cool dude…

Cool dudes always have a tattoo. When one of them rubs off, they put on another one.

Cool dudes ride skateboards while they talk on their iPhone.

Cool dudes shrug their shoulders instead of say “I don’t know.”

Cool dudes always keep their hands in their pockets.

Cool dudes listen to “Call Me Maybe.” And they know the words.

Cool dudes do have trophies. Some cool dudes win their own trophy.

When it’s cold outside, cool dudes wear short sleeves.
When it’s hot outside, cool dudes wear long sleeves.

Cool dudes mow the lawn while they’re playing soccer and walking their dog.

Cool dudes drive with one hand on the wheel.

Cool dudes wear their hat backwards. Or sideways.

Cool dudes compete. When they see another cool dude, they look at each other and compete.
Like this:
(But not even sure how you compete with that :))

No matter what the world may tell them, in my book – my boys are the coolest.
And that’s what matters.
Because my school years taught me that when you’ve got a momma behind the scenes, praying for you,
it’s easier to face the world.


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