Love in Focus (September)

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

IMAG0178IMAG0249 IMAG0297 IMAG1388IMAG0306IMAG0316

These are some bittersweet days. Of course, we are excited about what lies ahead. But (break out your falsetto) it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday… I still don’t know how to process it all, so I’m just trying to live in the moment. Maybe someday it will all hit me.
Until then, we are trying to drink deep of all these moments, knowing they will become memories to carry us for years to come. Whether it’s one last “home date” by the fire. Or one more trip to our favorite beach. We want to say good goodbyes so we can fully embrace the hellos ahead.

You would never know just looking at these pics that they were taken in the matter of a few hours. Saying goodbye to our old home, fully embracing our new one.
Always amazed at how He provides. And how these boys continue to adjust like champs.


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