Forever Roots

When you are a tree hanging over the edge of the cliff, your roots become very important to you. And when you are a family on the edge of all the unknowns of making your home in another country, your roots are very important to you.

Hello. We are that family.
We have put down some serious roots here. Over the past 15 years that we have lived in this beloved lake town, we have enjoyed stretching out and learning how to bloom. Thanks to friendships that encourage us, family that strengthens us, the church that revives us, comforts (homes, stores, foods, schools) that enrich us. Our little family tree has been nurtured because of so many who have poured into us and cared for us deeply.
We are forever grateful for these years here.

Our God is the Giver of good gifts.
Sometimes these blessings can become our root system. We can start to lean upon what is meant as a gift rather than the Giver. These things are not bad, in fact support systems are very necessary and good. But if something has become so important to us that it keeps us from letting the Lord replant us where He wants, it has become an idol.
A superficial support structure.

So, how can we remain rooted in these times of transition?
When we’re living in someone else’s home… When we are saying goodbyes to dear friends who have become a part of us… When we are leaving family that means the world to us… When our belongings are reduced down to 12 suitcases and we are living out of them until December… When the future is so very unknown to us…

Let your roots grow down into Him (Jesus) and draw up nourishment from Him,
so you will grow in faith, strong and vigorous in the truth you were taught.
Let your lives overflow with thanksgiving for all He has done.
Colossians 3.7

This is the beauty of being rooted in Jesus Christ.
It doesn’t matter where you are. He is always there!
It doesn’t even matter where you are going. He is there too!
And His love for you runs deep.
His love is something you can sink your forever roots into.
Because it never fails. It never runs out. It never gives up.

May YOUR roots go down deep into the soil of God’s marvelous love.
Ephesians 3.17


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