Love in Focus (November)

I know November is long gone. But these memories are still fresh on our minds and I don’t want them to get lost in a dropbox somewhere in cyberspace.
So, here’s some of our November.
It went far too fast. Full of family, friends, fellowship, and as much of our favorite American foods as possible 🙂
IMAG1816IMAG1724IMAG1784IMAG1747IMAG1758IMAG1929IMAG1752IMAG1885IMAG1887IMAG1864 DSC_0003DSC_0007IMAG1762  IMAG1824 (1)untitled shoot-9229untitled shoot-9159 (1)DSC_0030DSC_0034DSC_0032

That broken heart pic was handed to me in the car after saying some difficult goodbyes.
We all feel it.
But I am glad that goodbyes came at a time when we make a holiday of giving thanks. Even in the hardship of leaving, there was much to be thankful for. I’d rather it be hard than easy to leave. For it means we are blessed to know some truly amazing people.
We never quite know how to say thank you to all who have loved and cared for our family.
But, we would love to say you are welcome!!
You know… Well, come!!


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