Love in Focus (December)

January is almost over. But we finally have internet!! Not good enough to skype yet without cutting out every 4 minutes. But good enough to recap December.

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to look at these pictures without a lump in my throat. We said the hardest goodbye ever on December 2nd. My parents are such a huge part of our lives. For months, I dreaded this goodbye. But I am so grateful for the years they have only ever viewed living 4 hours away as “we can be there in 4 hours.” And as the boys skyped with them again this morning and received emails from them this afternoon, I just marvel at how they continue to be such a blessing in our lives.
IMAG19782013-12-02 19.39.43
Our boys had such a blast on the plane. At one point, Jude had coke in hand, was chewing bubble gum, and told the stewardess “this is a pretty great place to be!” Jack entertained us with barf bag puppet shows. Miles keeps telling people only to fly Delta.
They love to fly, and it shows. 🙂
What greeted us on the other side will always bring a smile. We have been welcomed with open arms. We continue to be served by these people we came to serve. And, the view!!!!

One big adjustment for me has been re-learning how to cook here. And grocery shop. I have to be careful to read labels to make sure things we buy are gluten-free, but it’s a bit more challenging when all the labels are in Portuguese. Making my first gluten-free pizza with tapioca flour (which is readily available here) instead of GF flour mix was a HUGE victory!
And thus, needed documented.
IMAG20072013-12-13 18.57.12

We miss our church. We miss our friends. We miss family. But, I am so proud of how eager our boys are to adjust. Excited to meet people and use the phrases they know. Eager to learn new phrases. We still deal with childlike behavior. Because, they are kids. But when I think about all they have been through this month…really, they are champs.
2013-12-20 19.37.08
2013-12-29 21.12.06IMAG2190
We have so enjoyed stumbling upon new favorites, like this coffee shop in town.
2013-12-16 19.54.39
Or, this little waterfall.
Leave it to the Americans to introduce Brazil to butter and sugar frosted with butter and sugar sprinkled with sugar (aka decorating Christmas cookies!!!!) 

2013-12-12 10.47.39
The boys enjoy entertaining guests inside (and outside) our home.
2013-12-12 10.05.01
2013-12-15 10.36.47
We traveled to visit Andy’s parents for Christmas. They live 12 hours away from us. It was such a blessing to be with family for our first Christmas away from home. And the boys enjoyed motorcycle rides with grandpa (much to Andy’s delight and my chagrin :))

photo (6)2013-12-25 10.54.212013-12-27 19.30.48
photo (7)


Our New Year’s Eve tradition is a fondue party. It’s fun to look back through the years at the different people who have joined us for this tradition. This year, we were still with Andy’s parents, so they fondue’d with us as we rang in the New Year.IMAG2319
And boy, does Brazil know how to bang in a New Year! (With enough bangs to wake your sleeping kids up and think we’re in a war…)

Just like that, a year is past.
And another one lies before us.
I hope you are finding 2014 to be one ripe with opportunity.
To seize the day. And make it count. By counting all there is to love along the way.


6 thoughts on “Love in Focus (December)

  1. Lois

    Wow! Thanks for documenting life in Brasil in photos for us. We are so thankful God is providing for you in every way. It’s zero degrees here in Winona Lake. School is cancelled for the third day in a row (Thur. Friday, and Monday). Mid June here we come!!

    Love you all, Lois

    1. saralroyer Post author

      Lois. We are overwhelmed and thankful as well. But you are so kind to say so! Can’t believe how different the weather has been here and there. MidJune will be just as drastic, as we hear it gets down to 40s, which is COOOLD when you don’t have indoor heat! Love to YOU!

  2. Evie Jones

    I remember seeing the pictures of your parents hugging you…that is hard stuff. I still tear up thinking about my Dad and Mom walking away and my big lug of Dad doing his classic full face tear up.. (they flew to see us in San Fran before). Jack, Jack, Jack:) His comment in the plane was so so cute and it sure put a smile on my face:) How could it be that this boy wanted to ever “hit me”?;) In my totaly ignorance of the true eb and flow of your life there I am thankful for your little coffee shop, waterfalls, your kids adjustment!, Andy knowing Portuguese and culture there, and for his parents there! The other day I loosely planned how we could see you in WL someday. Hard to know that kind of stuff, but I do that with all our CCC missionaries:)
    xox, E

    1. saralroyer Post author

      Thanks, Holly 🙂 You know I want to take more pics, but Brasilians really don’t take pictures. Fascinating how many of them drink coffee each day and don’t take or post a pic of it – hee hee! BUT, I will try to either get more comfortable with taking pics when no one else is. Or more sneaky 🙂


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