New Stomping Grounds

2014-02-07 18.31.39
Country road,
take me home to the place where I belong…
This little town has found its way into our hearts.
So, we wanted to share some shots of our new stomping grounds.
Hard to believe we have been here for almost 3 months.
Just enough time to get settled in and learn the important things, like where are the best pão de queijo and frozen cappuccinos. To find our way around the grocery store and the farmers market. To get our kids on soccer teams. To find a church we all are excited to be a part of. To overhear people say “there’s the Americans.” T
o start to dream big for these cities in Brazil.
That the church here would raise up to be the light of the world,
like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.DSC_0002


6 thoughts on “New Stomping Grounds

  1. Lois

    Thank you for this great picture tour of your new stomping grounds. A picture of our stomping grounds right now would be dirty grey snow along the sides of the road. Ground is still snow covered. Lows tonight expected to be 12 degrees, tomorrow night 5 degrees with a chance of snow!! So, do you miss Winona Lake? 🙂 Winona Lake and the people miss you!!

    Much love to you, Lois

  2. saralroyer Post author

    Lois–We miss you all so much!
    The weather? Well…not so much 🙂

    But I’d trade our 80 degrees everyday for your 12 degrees any day to see your dear faces 🙂
    Sending you love and hugs and warm thoughts!
    (Hope it helps 🙂


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