Love in Focus (February.March.April)

When one month passed, I knew how to explain the delay. Now that it’s been 3 months, all I can say is that when I started homeschooling, some other things had to give. Posting our month in pics was one of them. But everyday I’m taking pics of life here and not scrapbooking them…nor printing them. So, rather than scrapping posting snapshots of these months, these pics will just have to do most the talking 🙂

February DSC_0010 Classes started in February. Which means this is how André spends his mornings. 2014-02-05 05.31.18 And this is how I spend my mornings. I am surprised by how much I love homeschooling. It’s quite a balancing act to figure how to do everything else. But these faces!
2014-02-28 09.30.46IMG_20140316_13154720140319_1730052014-02-09 10.58.19
You would have never known the Olympics happened..still only futebol on TV here. 2014-02-11 12.13.51 Care packages from the States = Happy boys!! This one even smelled like grandma’s house. 2014-02-20 17.54.52 2014-02-14 09.05.182014-02-14 10.31.42  2014-02-22 17.50.38
We had to cancel our Valentine’s Party because Jack and Jude got really sick. They were ok enough to decorate salt dough ornaments, eat heart jello (with some tylenol).
And when they got better, André and I escaped to our favorite juice place. 2014-02-23 15.28.28
2014-02-12 19.12.09
2014-03-04 17.41.152014-02-18 12.21.212014-02-16 23.26.53
This little mutt found its way to our home, and quickly into our hearts. We weren’t sure how our allergies would do, but gave it a go. But when the hives started to appear and noses wouldn’t stop running, she had to go. Sad sad day. But, happy happy memories.
2014-02-08 00.02.002014-02-24 21.16.32  2014-02-23 19.28.12 2014-03-03 11.01.43
20140313_1200082014-02-14 21.33.23
2014-02-14 21.38.55

2014-03-04 18.37.382014-04-07 13.03.50
March and April brought visits from both sets of grandparents!!
(and many sweet memories)
2014-03-01 12.47.37
2014-03-28 17.20.322014-04-03 20.45.15
2014-03-29 17.08.13
2014-03-31 17.35.582014-03-30 16.48.20
2014-03-31 15.38.28
2014-04-05 19.01.262014-04-04 13.53.01photo (4)
Coffee doesn’t get any fresher than this. Straight from grove to roaster to grinder to mug!
photo (5)2014-03-31 14.34.27
2014-03-04 16.57.12
2014-04-05 19.05.472014-04-21 09.24.002014-03-03 11.17.332014-04-27 15.58.25 2014-04-11 15.06.25
2014-04-24 16.35.452014-04-05 11.03.40 photo (3)

There’s our last 3 months, folks!

You know that’s not even close to the half of it, but some of the beauty that makes up our days. I would feel bad leaving you with the impression that it’s always so picture-perfect over here. [Which is why I’ve written about some of our very own struggles that come with adjusting to a new way of living life.] But it also wouldn’t be right if we only focused on the difficulty….because there is SO much good we would miss in doing so.

One thing these last months have taught me is that sometimes deep loss and grief over life as we once knew it can [and does!] co-exist with thoroughly enjoying and rejoicing in this day that the Lord has made. So yes, sometimes the pain of missing loved ones seems almost unbearable. But then, I look out the window at my 3 boys playing soccer in the sunset and think today is such a gift. If we numb ourselves to the loneliness and heartache that comes from being away, I wonder if we then wouldn’t be able to fully feel the excitement and blessing that comes with being here. The whole earth is full of His glory! 20140308_170725


2 thoughts on “Love in Focus (February.March.April)

  1. Holly Urschalitz

    Greetings from Alaska, my Royers!! I think I’m about as far away as I can get, on this side of the world, anyway! I’m spending ten days babysitting my nine and five-year-old grandchildren! Such an experience; I praise the Lord for it! Love, LoVe, LOVE the update, Sara! The boys are precious, as ever! GrOW!ng!!! Your photography is AWEsome, too. I especially love the shot of Jude in his cap doing school work, the dog!, Jack on the floor with the dog, and the overhead shot of Jack and Jude looking up, Miles on ladder/tree shot, and The Incredibles!, Priceless!! You and Andy are adorable on your date! What a beautiful place the Lord’s placed you in! I’m thankful the homeschooling appears to be going better! It is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs you’ll ever do, and you may not realize that until it’s well over. Lexi and Carissa both, comment regularly on how much homeschooling helped them, especially with their writing & English skills. It was easiest for me; Never mind, that science was my LEAST favorite subject, Just after math, and now theirs! Thank God for co-op and excellent opportunities for numerous field trips! MOM is now over:( but, the weather back home appears to be warming up, so, I’m looking forward to some MOM Playdates, especially those which will include Nancy, Isaac and the twins! We’re so incredibly blessed to have such a marvelous playground in our backyard! And I enjoy sharing it with the young mamas and children. It’s a wonderland for them, especially. John is juggling work, keeping the household afloat, and manning the livestock*, (much to his chagrin) while I’m away. Let the boys know we still have *Penny and Darcy, but who knows how long! The two of them together can be quite naughty, Darcy especially! She still charges down the hill like a thundering Stampede, rolling in whatever smelly thing she can find, then jumps up and dashes off across the yards down the shoreline! Very frustrating, to say the least! And, Penny… Penny is still as clueless and clingy, as ever! It would be best if one or the other should go, but we can never seem to agree on which one so it never seems to work out. The “bad” penny always returns! 😉 Forshtays took Penny for a trial weekend; we were praying she’d stay! But she was more than they wanted at the time. Can’t say I blame them. It’s hard to tell if they will both be home when I get back…? Well, soon time to pick up the Littles from school. Looking forward to scenes and tales from “daily life on the home front”. Big hugs and blessings, Miss Holly

  2. saralroyer Post author

    Aw Holly, so fun to read all your goings on!! What a special time for your kids and grandkids for you to make the trek up there! I hope you got some good seafood too 🙂
    The boys love hearing about Darcy and Penny Wish we had them for neighbors still!
    Miss you, Miss Holly! Tell everyone in your neck of the woods hello for us. 🙂


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