Golden Years

It’s my parents’ Golden Anniversary!
Fitty years! C’MON now er’body…holla!!!
[OR in the spirit of 1964, a more proper greeting]

Oh mom and dad, if I weren’t a continent away, you know I would be going to Cedar Point today! (Just kidding 🙂 )
How I wish we were there to fill your home with golden balloons and your lawn with those who have stood by your side through the years to come party and have “a gas”! (You may have to be over 60 to catch that, or look it up.)
But, I’m here…so I write.

Fifty years ago…
average yearly income: $6,000
minimum wage: $1.15/hour
gallon of gasoline: 25 cents
gallon of milk: 93 cents
average cost of a new car: $3,500
brand new Ford Mustang: $2,320
average house price: $3,360
average monthly pent: $115
loaf of bread: 21 cents
US postal stamp: 5 cents
ticket to the movies: $1.25
ticket to Broadway: under $10
Are we having fun yet?

Fifty years ago…Diet Pepsi was introduced. Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin were born. Lucky Charms and Pop-Tarts made their appearance on supermarket shelves. US decided to enter the Vietnam War. The Beatles debuted on Ed Sullivan Show. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer aired on TV. Arby’s opened. And my dad and mom said “I do” on May 23, 1964.filename-1You guys, what a reason to celebrate!!

1/2 a CENTURY!
18,250 DAYS!
438,000 HOURS!
26,280,000 MINUTES!
1,576,800,000 SECONDS!
of I still do.

I am sure a few of those 1,576,800,000 seconds probably didn’t seem like “happily ever after.” A LOT has changed in the last 50 years. Besides the above…plans changed, wars broke out, soldiers drafted, tantrums happened (referring to us kids, of course 🙂 ), jobs ended, uncertainties surfaced, the nest emptied…to name a few.
BUT! Some things have never changed, like your commitment to have and to hold…for better OR worse, richer OR poorer, in sickness AND in health. I am sure vows have been put to the test. But, there has never been a time in my life when I wondered whether your marriage would make it until “death do us part.” How rare and priceless that is.
of you’re still the one.

Torquato Tasso, an Italian poet said it well: Perduto è tutto il tempo che in amor non si spende.
You guys have lived it well: Lost is all the time that you do not spend in love.
While the 50th Anniversary has been named the Golden Year, I’d say you have strived to make all your years together golden. You have been refined by fire and come out purer than ever.
of conscious coupling.

Your love that goes deeper than how you feel is a gift.
Your resolve to encourage the heck out of others is a blessing.
Your commitment to look for the lovely and focus on the positive is an inspiration.
Oh, how I wish today we could give back a fraction of all that you have given to us.
of experiencing and giving God’s grace.

Being away makes me long all the more for the Golden Years ahead!
For that One Fine Day when our Bridegroom returns for us.
When we are carried across the threshold into the place He is preparing for His bride.
Forget golden balloons…we’re gonna dance on golden streets!
For all these days we have to catch up on, we will have eternity together!

You raised us to face the sun for good pictures. (As your eldest says “OK everyone, now stare directly into the sun!”) You also taught us to face the Son, because the best is yet to come…
So also Christ died once for all time as a sacrifice to take away the sins of many people.
He will come again, not to deal with our sins, but to bring salvation to
all who are eagerly waiting for Him.
(Hebrews 9.28)

Dad and Mom, you are one fine golden example of love and commitment.
Today, we celebrate YOU! Always, we love you dearly.


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