Love in Focus (May)

May ushered in celebrations for our favorite 11 year old!
photo (72)photo (43)
He requested a Minecraft cake and a trip to the mall. We were shocked to see BBQ Pringles (his favorite) here on the day of his birthday. It was a birthday miracle! And feels like another Milestone, as we celebrated one more holiday and found ways to make it special here2014-05-01 17.24.09 2014-05-02 14.11.41 This sweet gal came over to make pão de queijo together. I’ve been making these gluten-free Brasilian cheese bread ball thingies for 13 years now, but it was fun to learn from a brasileira. And, encouraging to manage to hold a conversation for the entire 2 hours in portuguese (who knows what all I said 🙂 ) 2014-05-09 15.43.36 For Dia das Mães (Mother’s Day), the boys took me out for ice cream in town. It’s no Winona, but still charming and quaint and really growing on us. 2014-05-11 16.11.39 After the boys’ “restaurant” had a few large trees cut down on top of it (in the background), they have been working on rebuilding and making it better than before. Now serving cake, coffee, sodas, mashed potatoes and cat food. I love my kids!! 2014-05-22 17.03.09 Each year, the undergraduate students put on a banquet to honor the year’s graduates. I think I lucked out with the best dates! 2014-05-05 21.04.29 This year they chose an Oscars theme. In honor of the verse 2 Timothy 2.15: Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. 2014-05-05 21.22.58 We have had a blast getting to know this group of students. For this month’s time together, I wrote names of people on masking tape on their foreheads and they had to ask yes or no questions to figure out who they were. 2014-05-26 20.45.07Of course we made one “Gina” who has been the face of Brasilian toothpicks since 1947.  gina

The Bible Institute where Andre is teaching just switched to a module system this year, which means they have three 45-day modules in one semester. The school took 10 days off in May between modules. It was a much-needed break for our fam. photo (11)With this only 4 hours away, we just couldn’t help ourselves to spend a few days (39)Brasil considers this “winter” – not sure why because it was 80 degrees. But hey, we had the beach to ourselves!photo (38)Just so thankful that he not only knows how to work hard (and does! getting up most days before the sun to prepare and grade). But when given a break, he takes the time to play hard!photo (12)

You know, something occurred to me in May. We moved here 6 months ago never having met any of these people we now call coworkers. Guys, that could have been bad! Like really, really bad. And yet, we have already grown to appreciate these people. This is most of the staff here at Peniel (professors, wives, maintenance, finance, cook). 2014-05-27 21.09.32 We love getting to know them. And feel so honored to be a part of the team.



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