It takes a village…

But what about when you leave the village?

Well, you can probably imagine there has been some homesickness/loneliness that accompanies moving your family halfway across the world. People don’t talk much about loneliness. Crazy that we all feel it at times, but will rarely ever admit it.It takes courage to share our deep-down feelings, vulnerability leaves us…vulnerable! It’s also hard to acknowledge it without wallowing in it, and who really wants to listen to a Debbie Downer. 
But it’s real.
When I stop to think how very far we are from people we cherish so deeply, it feels scary and lonely and empty. 
And yet, I hesitate to admit all this because I don’t ever want to minimize the fact that Christ has always been all around. This song has been the anthem of these days.

Whenever I feel lonely, I am never ever alone.
He is my Rock and Sustainer. I am more convinced of this today than ever.

I will be glad and rejoice in Your unfailing love, for You have seen my troubles,
and You care(!!!) about the anguish of my soul. 
| Psalm 31.7

But the real reason for writing is because when you’re hanging out on a limb, you quickly learn how strong your root system is. We haven’t uprooted. We have only stretched out further. And really, we could have fallen flat on our faces by now. But, you know what??
Our roots have only become stronger.
We may have left the village, but our village has not left us.

Y’all. We have a shoebox full of cards and letters with overseas stamps on them!
2014-07-26 16.54.14
We have parents who hopped on a plane to bring help and hugs | brothers who sent a year’s supply of my favorite Tazo tea and seeds for our garden | friends who left dirt piles all over her house to pick up the phone and call, just because she had the feeling she should | emails to let us know we are remembered and missed | boxes arriving full of fun surprises for the entire fam | friends traveling all the way to spend a week with us | familiar handwriting, written with thought, mailed with care | skype dates | other very thoughtful and kind things that I will recall as soon as this is posted | Sunday school classes that not only remember our kids’ birthdays, but send cards! | churches that put together packages with a few of our favorite things | friends keeping us up-to-date with the latest trends – sending a pair of earrings, pants, hat, book, dark-chocolate goji berries | notes with those simple, yet cherished words: you are loved. | people praying for us | all those who sacrifice monthly to be with us – we may be here and they may be there, but we’re in this together.

The tears flow as we count all the ways our cup overflows.

It takes a village to reach the villages.
Words cannot express how grateful we are for those upholding us. Even if you live so stinkin’ far away, you are just as much a part of expanding the reach of the Gospel to this corner of the world. We couldn’t do this alone. Thankful for each and every one of ya making sure we aren’t. 🙂


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