Love in Focus (June)

Just like that another semester is in full swing! André is teaching a new semester-full of classes, and this will be my 3rd week homeschooling a 1st, 4th AND 5th grader!

So, before all this gets lost in the shuffle, here’s a bit of our summer…winter…whatever…
break! 🙂
2014-06-06 15.21.292014-06-06 15.23.04
We had a little homeschool kindergarten graduation (formatura).
As one friend put it, “there’s nothing better than graduating in your socks.”2014-06-06 15.22.28

2014-06-03 14.40.53
This was our first “end of the semester” here. We quickly learned that means classes finish up. AND there’s a party everyday.
2014-06-16 12.33.03
2014-06-04 17.03.112014-06-05 17.10.48  2014-06-14 12.11.29
Feijoada! This was a first for me and it was love at first bite. (Who knew pig snout could make black beans so tasty?:)
2014-06-14 12.37.182014-06-08 16.50.25
Our kids got to play some basketball for the first time in a long while. It was a little different–shooting the ball through the hula hoop a guy is holding–and pretty funny to watch.
2014-06-08 16.48.12
Another first: chickens running around campus in the morning=galinhada for lunch!
2014-06-19 12.11.59
2014-06-16 12.30.36Our Jiggy turned double-digits in June! Funny. Curious. Smart. Tender. Adventurous. Kind. Passionate…so much more…but never dull. We celebrated the life of this TEN YEAR OLD, and all the liveliness he adds to ours! 2014-06-12 13.22.41For his birthday, he wanted lemon pound cake, Brasil to win their World Cup game, to play Checkers with me, and go fishing…of course 🙂2014-06-19 16.15.452014-06-12 13.25.10 2014-06-12 15.33.10 2014-06-12 16.52.23World Cup games were definitely a highlight of our June/July. Watching them with students made for a very lively (loud:), fun and memorable afternoon. 2014-06-12 16.57.32Our boys were born in US, have dual citizenship (US/Brasil), now live in Brasil–there may have been a bit of an identity crisis knowing who to cheer for. 2014-06-16 19.11.552014-06-01 20.30.272014-06-04 14.36.022014-06-23 17.05.58
I love how some things have just become normal–living on a dirt road, evening walks around campus to visit with people, church service at night, everything in portuguese, stumbling upon an empty catwalk, living so much of the day outside (even though this is “winter”). 2014-06-23 11.21.49Our boys opened up a restaurant for our neighboring cows, called “Radio Flyer Buffet.” Word spread quickly and there has been quite a demand, much to our boys’ delight.2014-06-23 11.52.21

Last but not least.
2014-06-20 08.01.13
This was my first time sitting in on an entire Prof André class, and I loved every minute! Here he is teaching through Ephesians. 1 1/2 hours at a time. All in Portuguese! I mostly post pics of my side of life here (homeschooling, learning portuguese, mothering, an occasional catwalk:)

But that’s not what brought us here. And it certainly isn’t what keeps us here!! It’s this. This guy getting to teach and prepare students for ministry to the nations. I have never seen him so alive, loving what he does, and doing it so well! But still, this isn’t about us. It always was and always is about our Conquering King and that coming Day when we stand before Him, and every scorpion or parasite or lonely night will be worth it.
To God be the glory, great things HE is doing!


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