Love in Focus (July)

Oh hey. It’s August, isn’t it??
I guess that means I was TWO months behind. I guess that is what happens when you have been teaching addition, multiplication AND division all at the same time for the last 2 weeks.
I guess you get a second post in one day, because we can’t leave out July…it was our month break, and it was lovely!

10452833_10201120453612814_1665382905203689776_oWe had a dear family visit us for a week. We met this couple at NTM Orientation in Florida a year ago, when we were both headed to Brazil. They teach at an MK school right on the Amazon. We had such a fun time catching up with them–swapping missionary life-stories, laughing and crying about the adjustments we’re making. Plus, our kids had a blast with theirs!
2014-07-01 15.34.502014-07-02 15.23.00
2014-07-02 11.56.56 2014-07-04 10.45.262014-07-03 17.45.01
Getting ready for Jubu’s sweet SIX, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said a Lego Star Wars set (knowing those are $100+ down here), I said “what else?” He said a ring pop (since they don’t have those here), I asked “oh dear, what else?”
Well…what a surprise when our friends showed up (having NO idea about that conversation) with a Star Wars Lego set and ring pop for his birthday! How amazing is that?!!
The Lord has been so faithful to supply all of our needs (and even a lego set and ring pop 🙂
He continues to strengthen, encourage, comfort and provide. His mercies keep us going.
2014-07-03 09.57.0110486473_10201101215811881_2408362938273068329_n
There were lots of tears when our friends left. The entire time they were here, our kids played nonstop from morning to night–no problems. [I mean, these two played in these boxes for hours.] I guess none of us realized how much they’ve missed having kids their age who also speak english! What a timely gift it was for them.
2014-07-04 15.52.3610460284_10201122516504385_1027127842241718040_n
Thankfully, we had an upcoming trip to grandparents to look forward to (and distract).
2014-07-09 14.06.11
AND thankfully, they have the two best friends in the world…each other. Brothers!
2014-07-10 11.29.322014-07-12 09.26.452014-07-10 11.41.11
I love watching the friendship between these 3 grow. Definitely something we have to work on, but something that is so worth it! I just can’t say how special it is to turn around and see this.
2014-07-18 13.05.00
2014-07-10 11.29.102014-07-17 19.23.18
2014-07-13 11.04.58
photo 3 (2)2014-07-20 13.13.072014-07-11 16.49.372014-07-21 11.43.052014-07-13 13.12.282014-07-13 13.19.042014-07-13 14.25.34
Fun for the entire fam at grandparents–exploring, fishing, dog-hugging, adventuring, reading, hydrating with coconut water by the kiddie pool, trip to the zoo, dates!! and nightly games of chicken foot.
2014-07-21 20.30.422014-07-13 19.05.52
This handsome had a birthday! Been quite a few years since he was “home” for his birthday, so one cake just wasn’t enough. Plus, he is pretty much our everyday hero.2014-07-14 13.06.022014-07-17 15.11.072014-07-17 15.21.332014-07-17 16.41.55

That, folks, was our break. Our school recently switched to a module system, which means André teaches three modules (two classes per module) each semester. It shortened our breaks, so this winter (your summer) we had a month off. It went all too fast. Just enough time to finish up grading last semester before preparing all the syllabi for this semester.
But, it’s a good thing we like what we do. And work with a staff who does things like have a cookout the weekend before class started…just because.
2014-07-25 18.34.16


One thought on “Love in Focus (July)

  1. Lois

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. We LOVE seeing all the pictures. We pray God would continue to minister His grace to you in abundant ways. I’m still in shock of the Lego and ring pop gift. That’s just like our God. Love you all and miss you bunches.


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