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2016-01-22-11-39-51…Is this blog still on? 🙂
Man, guys. Sorry it’s been awhile!!
One minute we’re “kneelin’ in the New Year” and the next we’re “leavin’ on a jet plane.” What a whirlwind!! But that could have also been the Vicodin. 😉

Never meant for this much time to pass, but life took some twists & turns and for awhile there, we were just hanging on, not quite sure what to say about it all. But this blog is so special to us– our virtual scrapbook and journal, of sorts. I just don’t want to miss any season, even if we’re still not sure what to say.

We had planned on taking a 6 month furlough in July, but shortly after the New Year, it became apparent a surgery I have put off for many years was necessary sooner than later. In His perfect time, the Lord led the way for us to fly back in January and  parted the waters for me to have surgery 2 weeks later. I wasn’t kidding when I said whirlwind!!

At some point, I counted and realized we’d been living out of suitcases for 7 weeks before we unpacked our bags for a few months. In our 6 months in the States, we lived in 3 different friends’ houses, visited several churches, shook hundreds of hands, traveled thousands of miles… you get it.

We left Brazil not knowing–where would we stay? what would we drive? how would our boys do starting public school back up in February? would our boys have the winter gear they need? how would we weather the cold??


This pic was taken at the beginning of our journey, leaving our home in Jacutinga. I know this happens when there’s sun and rain, but when embarking on a journey into the unknown, it seemed like an even greater phenomenon– “He goes before us.”  He surely did, providing our every need and so much more!

The boys started school where they had attended before we moved to Brazil. We knew there would be hard things about going back mid-year– getting up in the dark, not getting home ’til 4pm, feeling like there went their day, jumping right back in 2 weeks before standardized testing, having no idea what is a “dab” and all the lingo they never knew, let alone having to remember to flush toilet paper rather than put it in the trash (like we have to in Brazil). But they handled it all like the troopers they are!

2016-02-08-08-18-30 2016-04-19-18-15-55
2016-05-20-12-34-10 2016-04-29-10-22-57-2  
 2016-05-17-14-13-402016-05-20-12-06-21 2016-02-08-16-34-51
2016-05-26-09-51-49 fb_img_1464570941640
And me. Well, somehow when people told me 6-8 weeks recovery, I heard 2 weeks. SO, when a surgery turned into a blood clot which turned into getting real sick from the anticoagulants… well, I started to wonder if I’d never feel normal again! Somewhere in there I listened to this sermon and realized that time was about so much more than recovering physically, but a deeper healing that needed to take place. That’s a whole ‘nother blog. But, for now. I can just say I am grateful to the core for the lessons learned in the valley of recovery. And for all those who stood by my side when I could do nothing in return–literally, couldn’t even put on my socks! Bless all your dear hearts.

2016-02-20-18-42-46 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
2016-02-03-18-28-38 2016-06-16-16-10-00
2016-07-13-13-28-23 2016-07-13-18-58-20
2016-02-28-18-30-092016-04-02-16-21-42  2016-04-22-18-45-25 2016-04-23-15-21-12-1  2016-05-01-14-10-00    2016-06-06-13-08-16-1 2016-07-07-17-57-25
2016-07-06-20-45-22 2016-07-03-17-11-432016-07-07-14-08-53 2016-06-24-15-15-37
2016-06-03-20-21-35 2016-06-04-16-43-132016-07-09-13-16-05 2016-07-12-17-22-05
2016-06-05-19-17-25 2016-06-11-21-17-17-12016-07-19-19-53-52 2016-07-24-12-29-302016-07-24-14-18-53 2016-07-04-16-01-042016-07-05-19-26-02 2016-07-08-16-08-08
2016-07-17-18-02-36 2016-07-16-21-20-09
What amazing friends and family we have! Just looking at all those dear faces again makes me feel all filled up. {Except I regret not remembering to capture ALL Y’ALL this time!}

This furlough was something else. You know, I had plans of delivering meals when a momma was down or taking friends’ kids for the day. I had dreams of girls’ nights out and play dates, and jumping right into all I’ve been missing out on living overseas. But the thing is….. I was the momma down, who was getting delivered meals. I was the friend, whose kids were getting picked up. Nor did I make it to many girls’ nights out and had to cancel play dates to go to the ER. And yet, these dear people were the ones to jump right in and love on us, serve and include us, even though our time was short and we were headed back to Brazil. We arrived on empty and left with full tanks. Thanks to our peeps.

Oh, and all those unknowns back in January? Look where we ended up for most of our time.
The Lord is so faithful.
THIS is why I blog. Because I forget! I can look ahead and things seem so unclear and I wonder how it will all work out, if it will all work out. But then I look back and am blown away by His provision and His presence. His faithfulness fuels our faith.

Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light,
trust in the name of the LORD and rely on His God.
Isaiah 50:10


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