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A week in our life

Though some months have passed, we are still grateful for these dear visitors entering our world, cheering us on. THANK YOU to all who had a part in Ryan, Heather and Ava coming to visit!! Having them here was like fresh wind in our sails.

They took a bunch of photos of our “day to day.” Things we often don’t take pics of.
But, very special to capture a bit of what a “week in our life” looks like here.

Sara leading a ladies’ meeting in our home.
Some of the sights and flavors of Jacutinga.

Our campus garden that students plant, maintain, and harvest.
Professor André doing what he does.
And that Bible translated by some Peniel grads into a tribal language is why we do what we do.

When they asked how they could best serve our family, I was half-joking that Ryan could homeschool the boys. But he prepared an understandable and accessible explanation for creation and the fallacy of evolution, which couldn’t have been more timely– Miles had just gotten points deducted on his science test because his answer to the question “How did the world come into existence?” was “God created the world.” Thankful for others speaking truth into their lives.

For all you Princess Bride fans… “R.O.U.S.” DO exist!
(Pictured above: capivara, which is the largest rodent in the world.)

We got to play tourists ourselves 🙂  HOW FUN to find this waterfall 40 minutes from our house!

If she charged me for every medical question I asked her… plus all the students and staff who needed a consult… AND doing a check-up for every. single. kid at the orphanage down the road… oh man. Instead, she listened and cared and advised. SUCH a gift! 

We spent Saturday afternoon at the orphanage down the road– 1st time our kids have ever been. Honestly was unsure how they’d do– briefed them real quick on things NOT to say. In the end, they happily played with the kids for 4 hours and never once asked to leave. Don’t know what the future holds, but am certain we’ll be back.   

Our kids had a blast “hanging out” with Ava (Pictured above: our favorite rubber tree).
What a good sport she was– fishing with Jack and scorpion-hunting with Jude, and going to school with Miles for a day (all in portuguese).
(Above: the weekly fruit/vegetable “feira”– where else can you buy fresh-caught fish from the back of a truck!)

Gotta love drives through coffee country. And, #jacutingastyle traffic.
(Note the red berries above: coffee-picking time!)

We don’t have it all together. Spend a week with us and you will see that we have our share of struggles and loneliness and discouragement.

BUT, this country and people and ministry has become so dear to our hearts.
So, HOW GRATEFUL we are to welcome friends into our world– for them to see for themselves the beauty of this place, and to cheer us on because it’s not about us, you guys!!