Growing up in Brasil

Two posts in one month?! You know something’s up…

Finished homeschooling is what is up!!

It’s been awhile since I wrote about the biggest (and sometimes, hardest) part of my day {here}.
But, all said and done, I shed some tears when my 6th grade graduate walked down the hallway (in his socks) to receive his diploma. And officially became a junior higher.

Somehow, all the uncapitalized letters or unpunctuated sentences don’t matter as much as…
Does he know how precious he is??
Does he know how bright a light he has to shine??
Does he know how dearly he is loved??


We won’t let #growingupinBrasil keep us from having a 6th grade Graduation or Awards Ceremony OR Swiss Cake Rolls for that matter!!

It just may involve a lot more construction paper. And include Awards such as “Student recognized for excellence in doing the most work with a worm stuck in his head.”


I’m not going to pretend we didn’t have our “moments”… It was stretching for ALL of us to switch from public school in US to homeschool in Brazil. There were times I may have dreamed of a yellow bus coming to drive my children to a capable and cheerful teacher who could teach them long division and also feed them lunch…

BUT, after teaching our oldest 4th grade, then 5th, then 6th… he started Brazilian school in the fall! (which is another blog post needing to happen 🙂 ) All of a sudden ALL of those dear ladies who stopped me with my babies in the grocery store to tell me how fast it would go were not kidding!!

We mommas gotta hold our babies close while we have the chance.

It may have taken me longer to learn portuguese…
I still may not be as proficient in the language as I would like…
I may be misunderstood at times (as it’s considered illegal in Brazil to homeschool)…

BUT, I don’t regret teaching my boys for a single second.
In fact, I think I’m really going to miss it this year!!
{Just look at these itty-bitty buddies ❤️}


Here’s to learning to love the stage we’re in. Wherever we are.
It all passes too quickly……❤️

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.
{Psalm 90:12}





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